Animals and ethics – Adopt don’t shop

Now your possibly wondering what on earth this post could be about, as a vegetarian shop we don’t stock anything that contains animals or sell any actual animals?

But me and a colleague of mine decided that it might be nice to do a blog post on why animals are not Christmas presents, and why its always best to adopt not shop well all year round.

Now as a child I remember seeing the signs by the Dog Trust saying “a dog is for life not just for Christmas” and I cant express to you how true this is, as someone who visits animal sanctuaries and rescue centres on my spare days off it honestly breaks my heart to walk past the cages filled with dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and even chickens that need a loving home.

Now I am by all means not saying that every one that receives an animal companion, for Christmas or any other time of year as a gift will abandon them. But its not a secret that pounds and shelters see a rise in dogs being left with them in the months after Christmas once the appeal of a cute fluffy puppy wears off.

And one of the worst things about this is that while shelters and rescues run by charities and public donations may keep dogs until they are re homed, council run ones can not keep all the dogs that are turned in to them or found on the streets with one newspaper report telling us that almost 9,000 dogs were put down last year in the UK because there simply is no space for them.


So why do people keep buying pets for Xmas or as gifts?

I guess maybe every parents would like to see the joy on their child’s face as they open a big box to find a cute fluffy puppy inside, but the reality is that puppies need training and taking care off and maybe some people don’t realise how much it takes to look after a dog and have not taken these things into consideration.

Taking an animal companion into your life is a big commitment that should not be taken lightly or seen as a gift that can be disposed of.

Now of course there are people who buy animals for their children or partners for Christmas and keep those animals safe and happy until the end, but there is another reason why we should not be buying puppies or any other animals for that matter as gifts and why we should be choosing to adopt our furry friends.

How many people have seen adverts online or in newspapers, at the local shop “puppies for sale” I know have, the reality is that you may be buying from someone that is not keeping their animals in the best conditions or welfare and unfortunately the only real way to stop backyard breeding or puppy farms is to cut of the demand.

But the reality is that while there are people out there who breed animals and have the liscences to do so and take very good care of the health and welfare of their animals, there are just so many in shelters that need a loving home that we should be focusing on trying to re home these companions before going and buying puppies or any animal that is being bred.

So if you are thinking of opening your home and family up to a new companion animal then please considering adopting, one sanctuary that I myself have personally visited is Animals in Need and they have so many animals that are looking for a new forever home.

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