Cruelty free Pigs in Blankets

Now pigs in blankets are traditionally known as sausages wrapped in bacon, but  for those that are looking for a meat free alternative this christmas its good to know whats out there.

There are 3 ways you can go about making your “pigs in Blankets” as someone looking for he meat free version

1) So the easiest way by far is to buy them pre made, and if you like the brand Vbites then your in luck, as they sell packets of pre made ones all ready to pop in the oven for 20 min and serve

(we are hoping to stock them in Arjuna closer to Xmas but if you have not seen them before you can click here).

2) Now another way (and personally what I choose to do last year!) is to select your favourite meat free sausages and bacon and make them yourself, I personally chose to go for the vegetarian choice frozen sausages as these are really cheap and really tasty! I let them defrost enough so that I could cut them into 3 smaller pieces, then I use slices of the Tofurky Deli mock ham cut into thin strips to wrap around the sausages and cook them up. If you want a bit of a twist you could wrap the sausages in thin slices of portobello mushroom!

But you dont have to use the frozen ones, there is a so much choice now when it comes to meat free sausages! you could try using the beer infused sausages by Tofurkey? or how about tofu based sausages by Taifun?

3) The final option is you could make them yourself and being meat free these are actually easier than you think! Have you ever heard of SOS mix? Well we sell it in Arjuna and you can prepare it in a few different ways but the basic idea is to mix water or stock and a selection of herbs with the dry mix to create essential what is a meat mix that can be shaped and cooked.

So you can make your own sausages using this then wrap them in your own choice of meat free meats or again you could use thin slices or portobello mushroom.

But we wanted to give you a few options for making your own so we also tracked down these 2 recipiesfor those who might not want to use processed mock meat but would prefer to use vegtables, or pulses to make their “pigs in blankets”

homemade chickpea sausages wrapped in sundried tomatoes by the tofu diaries click here

And I really like this idea by Vegan Sandra, Carrots wrapped in blankets! for this one click here

later on in our 25 days of December blogs we will aslo be covering meat free alternatives that can be the centre piece of your table for this christmas, or well for any roast dinner!

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